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Default Re: Can there be free will in a world where pre-destiny exists?

Originally Posted by iwantmemoney View Post
Look at some drummers acting like we know something. I love this thread Uncle Larry. Are we divine? Did we take a left turn somewhere, fall from "Grace" or Cosmic awareness that we are Gods ourselves...and now we're quarantined from some universal podcast? Maybe there are millions of planets with more advanced life. Maybe we're overdue for a genetic upgrade.
I would definitely want Polly-Non to be one of my mentors (and personal trainer!).
Ha! You really don't want a lazy retiree as your mentor :) Enjoying the thread too if not quite up to speed on the finer points of logical reasoning (probably obvious haha).

Nate ... "panpsychism"... now there's a concept. Is the universe one thing - a cohesive system like a complex organism? Or is it a just conglomeration of galactic clusters like a cosmic junkyard?

If the universe is a super organism, how much care would such a "being" put into its tiny component parts? Would it care as much about you as you'd care about the fate of a single cell in your body? Destiny baby ... maybe best not to rely on it ...

Or to make a Dead Poets Society-esque speculation - the entire universe could even be a single subatomic particle of a larger being. Or maybe not :)


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