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Default Re: Calling All Bad Back Drummers: Ergokinetic Thrones

Originally Posted by KarlCrafton View Post
Les, did you feel the need to change you seat height with this throne?

I have been sitting at different heights for the past few months, and nothing seems to stick. The seat basically feels fine (no back issues), but it's still just not "right".

Thinking this seat would help in that regard also--besides being better for the spine. I don't/haven't had any back issues, but I don't want to get any in the future either.

Just wondering if you've changed anything else because of the throne, or if it made anything else easier, besides what you said in the other post.

Did you buy the whole throne, or jut a top?


Its normal to change seat heights to find comfort, its also normal to change tom, snare positioning etc. The reason being your body changes, disc's compress, muscles tighten. I used to redo my whole set up every 2 months or so on a new moon. You're changing positions b/c you're trying to get comfortable, you can't do that on traditional seating, once you bottom out it all goes south and then you start searching.

When I got the CARMICHAEL I did raise the thrones about 3 inches and it was comfortable, did a gig and this is the truth... I was afraid I was going to break my bass drum head.

The CHARMICHAEL leverages everything, you're relaxed and power is unimpeded b/c you no longer have to dedicate energy to balancing. Its an experience.

I have my throne lowered to the last height of my old torture devices, which is about 14.25" from floor to post top, with the CARMICHAEL on Im at 18" to the top of the stool... which is thighs 90 degrees w/feet flat on floor no shoes.

I did raise the snare and all related to force a straight back posture, shoulders open, no hunching. This positioning begs me to be closer to the pedal/bass drum.

After being on the CARMICHAEL Im leaving sessions/gig feeling energized, like nothing happened. Its that good, and like I said it gets better. As you play w/o your spine being compressed you retrain you muscles, which Im still in the midsts of doing, but definitely can feel the positive effects working. Get one and you won't want to sit on anything else.
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