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Default Re: Calling All Bad Back Drummers: Ergokinetic Thrones

Originally Posted by longgun View Post
That does look interesting........I just bought an additional throne, wish I'd have read this thread first.......would have liked to have tried one of the Carmichael thrones.
There's no way I would sit on anything else now, just couldn't do it. My other thrones are useless, now to be sold.

This isn't subjective, its an unbiased no brainer, we're talking about your health here, not a colour, or sound. The throne is 'the' most important piece of equipment on the kit, it controls how your body feels.

The CARMICHAEL isn't a fancy redo of an old idea, its revolutionary and its just starting, its not even really out there yet. Just out of embryonic into infant stage.

How you sit, how you're supported is a big thing, the CARMICHAEL changes all that, its how you're supposed to sit to be pain free and in alignment. I can tell you honestly it works. I would have paid $200 for it in hindsight, probably more, its worth every penny.
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