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Default Re: Hearing protection?

Originally Posted by BigDinSD View Post
Actually, those have a decent NRR. When practicing, don't they block out certain frequencies and muffle the tones?
In a live music or full band situation, yes they do somewhat. It is a slight adjustment. You have to pay attention a little more. However, they really offer a great amount of protection and are really comfortable.

Originally Posted by BigDinSD View Post
What have you guys found that has a high NRR (at least 25??) and still gives clarity of your frequencies? (without muffling them)
I went to an audiologist and I had custom hearing protection made for myself. It was more expensive, but high frequencies get through better, and the NRR protection cannot be compared to something off the shelf other than over the ear muffs such as these

I love those when practicing by myself.

Here's a photo of the custom ear protection I had made.

These are the same as a custom in ear monitor set up, minus the drivers of course. The doctor puts a camera in your ear on a big screen and checks your hearing and the condition of your inner ear etc. Then you get the molds done and pick your colors and options.

These are not as comfortable as the foam ones, but they offer excellent protection.
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