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Default Re: You Really Had A Great Day

my heart goes out to that lady....
about 14 years ago I was in a real bad place; long term relationship gone, she took my son and disappeared, losing the house and my job as I didn't maintain myself...tried to hang myself at 3am one lonely night, double locked doors, left notes for my mother and my 2 children and... thankfully the 'anchor point' I had chosen gave way, I fell to the floor, started giggling at my inability to do even that right and turned a little corner....
I think I am trying to explain how/why I got to that stage, just from my experience of course, I was in physical pain from the 'hurt' I was going through, and choosing to end myself wasn't a brave act or anger or anything was just all I could think of at that time to stop the hurt...
My life is unrecognisably better now, but I will never forget how I felt that night...and the hurt I would have left behind.
Thoughts and prayers to gruntersdads colleague..
'I STILL wanna be the man with the 50lb hammer...'
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