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Default Re: show off your snare

Haven't had much time to post here latelty because of my military service but here we go:

Sonor SQ2 14"x6,5" medium beech snare drum (6 mm/9 ply), satin finished scandinavian birch outside, double lugs, 2,3 mm triple flanged hoops and new Sonor throw-off system. I have owned several quality snare drums before (Tama Starclassic G-Maple, Tama Starclassic Maple, Yamaha Copper Custom & Mapex Black Panther etc.) but this is by far the best snare I have ever had. It acts well with both lower and higher tunings and it has got some crack and bottom end too! The new strainer system is such a joy to use as well. Enjoy!
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