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Oh, so there's no God because he doesn't exist. He doesn't show himself, there's no proof, etc.

What about human rights? They sure as hell don't exist either. You have no rights.

As a matter of fact, everything around me is just a figment of my imagination. An illusion. When the dreamer wakes up, everyone of the made up people disappears.

"Ahooh, Gojira, you are so powerful"

Seriously, the "no proof" argument is really wearing thin in the 21st century. If someone died and there's no evidence, does that mean he was never alive?

Originally Posted by MrInsanePolack View Post
. Just because that butterfly flaps its wings, in no way does it absolutely mean that there will be a flood in Texas. It makes for cool movies though.
Isn't that the beauty of it? Something so insignificant being altered that it has earth-shaking consequences. You could put it down to chaos theory or a higher power, I'm just stressing that there's isn't necessarily linearity between cause and effect.

Did the domino fall the other way? Freak happening or divine intervention. It's a sticky subject.
"... As war machine, crushes their balls, God have mercy..."

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