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Originally Posted by con struct View Post
He's a good guy, and as smart as they come. I'll report back.
He's lovely. Hope he's ok.

We're home now. It wasn't supposed to be a holiday as we had so much to do, but it turned into one and it was the best ever. I am very impressed with the importance and proliferation of art in Singapore; I'm sure mini-Madge will find it inspirational, and I hope it will mean she'll get a job in due course!

The least overtly-affectionate cat was glued to me all night. Just wondering what the equine reaction will be; sometimes it's "MUUUUUM!", sometimes it's a sniffy "Oh, you're back, are you?" They're perfectly capable of wolfing down peace-offerings of apples and Love Hearts with a sneer on their faces, and then sodding off all indifferent-like.
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