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Default Re: DTX502 expandability

Originally Posted by paranoid View Post
Hi, I have a question about the expandability of the new Yamaha DTX-502 module.

I noticed that it's possible to upload WAV samples but I'm wondering how practical it is to have a complete new kit on board.

Is anybody selling kits that could be uploaded to the module in the same (or similar) way that can be done with the DTX900?

I understand that the downloads Yamaha have made available for the DTX900 can't be used with the DTX502, but I'm wondering if that's more of a format issue or if it's limited by the amount of memory available on the 502.
With the DTX502 module there is no all data file as in the DTX900 module so the wave files must be loaded into the module. Then you can create a user kit(s) with those files and back up the kit(s). This way the module references the kit file(s) and the wave files to create the user kits.

Let me know if this helps,

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