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Default Re: Evans new Level 360 drum heads

I'm giving the Level 360's a try for my new old Acrolite. I'm putting a coated G1 PC reverse dot over a Hazy 300. Last time I tried an Aquarian texture coated reverse dot on my Pork Pie. It's OK. Those Aquarian heads take a little time to get stretched out and sounding good. I'm hoping this Evans combo will blow me away because I'm doing some recording tomorrow. I'll have my review tomorrow...

Add: Well, I spent a little time getting the new heads on. The Hazy 300 turned out to be a Clear 300. No biggie. That head went on easily and seated very quickly. The batter head took a little adjusting to get it to sit evenly on the bearing edge. It tuned up very easy though, and it took no time to tune it up to where I liked it. The HD Dry that I put on my Gretsch snare awhile back went on really easy too, which was surprising considering what a problem I have putting Ambassadors on that drum because it's a little bit out of round. I had to mess around with the tuning on that Aquarian head I recently put on my Pork Pie for quite awhile before I got it the way I like it. I'm going to try this Power Center Reverse Dot on the Pork Pie next time. I have nothing against the good old Ambassador, but I need more durability in the center of the head and this Evans head sounds good and just tuned right up. Nice heads, Evans.
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