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Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Yep Watso, big fan of a context sensitive menus called by right click. Not only is it a big time saver, it's bailed me out countless times when I've forgotten or not known the path to a function. I miss that functionality on my Android phone almost as much as I miss the Android's lack of copy and paste.
Couldn't agree more. It's one of the primary reasons I switched. The mac "command" button/system is nowhere near as well integrated or useful. I grew up in a environment with access to both. For a long time, I preferred to use macs. Once I saw how much more easy and efficient it was to get things done on a PC, I switched. Mostly it was the revelation that I don't have to remember options, because it's always in the context menus if it's important. Overall I find menus much easier and intuitive in the windows world. I don't have to go looking for things. I'm lazy. I like shortcuts and tons of options for getting the same thing done. For the most part, although I'm good at a *nix command bash, I find the majority of the GUIs out there to be sort of clunky and un-intuitive in similar ways to how macs work.
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