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Default Re: I hate Macs!

Originally Posted by Typo View Post
Still, I'm trying to figure out what the limitations are
I'm trying, but I'll be very general so it can't be mis-construed.

A mac is almost totally limited in terms of both hardware, and software choice, you simply can't use most of what's out there. Additionally, I find apple devices are typically more limited in terms of OS/software options, customization and personalization. I remember some time ago I was really shocked to find out that a user was not able to change the way windows and menus looked.(have they added this, yet?) It's so simple in Windows, and I find that most windows computers (for better or worse) are much more a reflection on the end-users personality than they are a reflection of Steve Job's personality.

Curse and blessing. All depends what you need. For a whole lot of people, they won't ever need to do any of the huge number of things macs can't do and if they find the interface easier in some way, they should get a mac. The extra expense is worth it for them.
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