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Default Re: Keith Moon

I do not hear sloppy. My generation shows an energetic drum track, that is very well constructed.

Behind blue eyes, sounds very tasteful and is also very well executed. After a certain degree of experience we think we can play like the maniac Moon and try to duplicate that Moon sound, but overall it is very hard to duplicate his feel.

Moon gave up the high-hat and used his crash cymbals and double bass more then others had at the time. Before Moon the crash cymbal for rock was not used as much.

In perspective of the era, Moon did very well.

Won't get fooled again, is again not sloppy. He has good chops in this song and his fills aer a good use of the crashes and are very well executed. He has some good fills and shows some good drumming.

I am not even an ultimate Keith Moon fanatical fan, I am just a fellow drummer who notices his contribution to the art.

The top rock drummers at the time were Ginger Baker, Bill Brufrod, Charlie Watts, John Bonham, Carl Palmer, Ian Palce, Carman Appice, Mitch Mitcheal, and Ringo Star. Yet Moon's work at the time had a unique phrasing that has inspired drummers to the present. Moon was not the greatest drummer. I am not sure if there ever will someone to hold that title, but Moon did very well and gave us all a new way to look at the art of drumming.
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