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Default Re: Need acoustic/electric drum buying advice!

Originally Posted by whiteknightx View Post
Personally I'd look for something like a used Roland or Yamaha Edrum kit, best you can find for $1000 bucks, and a used acoustic drum kit with cymbals and everything for $1000.
I was gonna recommend the same thing but I'm not completely sure if you're looking for both, an e-drum and an acoustic kit or just an e-drum that looks like an acoustic kit.

Anyways, a couple of years ago I bought a used Roland TD9kx in a local store for $1,000.
That model I think is now discontinued but If you do some research you might find a good deal on an intermediate/pro Roland kit (TD12/TD15)

The thing about e-drums is that you need to dedicate time to find the sound you like but once you do, these int/pro kits sound f***ing awesome!!! they have 1000's of different sounds so maybe the one you listened to was not your cup of tea.

I always get compliments on the sound of my e-kit, especially the bass drum.

I use this kit to practice and do recordings at home and I have a Mapex Saturn I use for rehearsals and gigs with the band, so for me having both is a must.
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