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Default Re: I hate Macs!

Very true with the keyboards. I like my Mac keyboards an awful lot - especially the one on my laptop - but I certainly can see why that would be an issue.

I'm with you on the mice, most of the time. I have one of the capacitive Apple mice and I have specific software that allows me to re-assign (and override) the standard gestures, as well as adding new ones. It's not a perfect mouse though by any means and is ergonomically flawed. The trackpad on my laptop is superb and I'm always irritated having to use a PC laptop because the trackpad is usually very poor. Again, I have re-assigned the gestures and have specific gestures programmed to work in specific applications. For instance, if I swipe up with four fingers in a web browser, it opens a new tab. The trackpad is something that I would sorely miss if I switched to a PC laptop and I use it for playing games when I dual-boot - I've clocked up 300 hours on Fallout 3 and New Vegas with just the trackpad.

Naturally, those are all very personal preferences.

In my limited experience (i.e. family), touchscreen phones in general have made interacting with them generally much easier. My Mum and Dad were hopeless with their old phones and both bought iPhones. Now they can actually make use of them. My Dad has an iPad that he uses every day and used for work (interfacing into his office) before he retired and that changed things enormously for him - it was a real-World case of a gadget hugely improving his quality of life.

I don't know if they'd get on as well with Android devices but then again, they've never tried so I can't comment. I can imagine that a well-built Android tablet with the same applications (or equivalent) available would be as satisfying and simple for them to use but they like iPhones now and I'm not going to try and tear them away from their bubble.

Of all the phone systems that I've used (and some I've owned (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry (the old versions), Symbian, etc.)) I've found Windows Phone to be the easiest of them all. It's also much more limited in terms of customisability but it's rare that I actually enjoy using a phone - and I enjoy using mine. Again, that's my personal experience.

I like to think that I actually have good reason to use the systems and gadgets that I use. I'm not fashion or trend-conscious (I like good design, mind) but when people justify their system usage purely based on fashion or trend, that irritates me.

I grew up on MS-DOS, so it's not necessarily a case of what I learned when I was younger but being around technology all of my life makes adapting to new ideas relatively easy.

I still can't work Windows 8 without screaming at it, though.
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