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Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
There is an 'eject' button on Macs, incidentally. It's on the keyboard.
Unless you need/want a different keyboard. Might be because you want something that works for your own ergonomics, might be because you don't like the way the mac keys work or look. I'm not a fan of the tiny block keys myself. Anyway, it's dumb to put the physical button there, in my opinion, I suppose.

In my experience, the worst fanboys are Android/iOS fanboys. I use Windows Phone so I stay well out of that one.
Ironically, phone users are the least likely to have any actual reasons for why they think one is better than the other. There's an odd reversal of ground where iOS and competitors are concerned, because unlike PC software, hand-held software tends to be more available on apple's side. Even so, the usage seems similar. I actually own an Ipad someone gave me. It's pretty much a toy or for really casual stuff, which is typically what I find most macs being used for. Other than that, I might see them if I pick up a client who does graphics work, or audio stuff; but as you allude to, it's usually because that's what they learned on. Steve-o was very smart to work hard at putting macs in the school environment as well as capitalize on the very short window when macs had a few advantages over other OS'es in those areas.
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