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Originally Posted by Typo View Post
I'm genuinely curious here... what is it about the Mac interface that compromises functionality for looks? When I say I'm genuinely curious, I am genuinely curious, not trying to be smart.
It's not always for looks, in fact, probably more often, it's supposedly for ease of use. I'll give you a few examples and hope a fight doesn't break out...

For example. Windows has always been very context-driven. Windows is designed with the requirement of more than one button on the mouse. This is because if you right-click almost anything in windows, you'll get a menu of options or popular actions related to what you're clicking on. Steve decided that multiple button mouses might be confusing and ugly so the OS is designed around one, and most models do not have extra buttons. Far less context driven, and generally tries to hide the extra options and controls. Speaking of mice. Talk about form over function. Just about every apple mouse ever designed has been really terrible. From mouses where the whole top is one huge un-comfortable button, to hand-cramping little tiny pucks, most serious users go buy 3rd party mouses and then map the "command" button to another one. Even so, the command menus are much less prominent and capable than how windows is designed for efficiency.

Another example is the way that unlike nearly every other device on the planet that accepts CD media, there's no damn button to eject it. Dragging an icon to "the trash" is really counter-intuitive and much more work, yet steve made the decision and most macs don't allow you to easily do this. Not a deal breaker for most, and as I said, Microsoft is trying to copy them a bit too much. Like the way they hide the damn shut down button and options in win 8. Clunky, hard to find and use... Not intuitive to anyone with computer experience.

I mean, yeah, I'm a self-proclaimed Apple fanboy, but I'll probably be working with computers one day myself, so it'd be interesting to hear about your experiences.
If you're going to work in the industry, get rid of the apple-fan-boi persona. It's one of the most annoying things we deal with when we come across the odd admin who prefers macs, they really can't shut up about how great their macs are, usually right before they install windows on dual-boot so they can actually use some business software. You can certainly prefer macs, just try not to be annoying, and be honest about the limitations and financial drawbacks of the system.
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