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Default Re: Can there be free will in a world where pre-destiny exists?


I'm not religious, I don't think things 'happen for a reason' or any other such nonsense. Sorry guys, I just don't buy it.

The existence of reality as we see it is the consequences of millions of small incidents, all happening by chance within a few defined rules that we call 'physics'. Sometimes the effects are macroscopic (Classical Physics) and sometimes they are microscopic and counter-intuitive (Quantum Physics).

To say that there is a 'plan' in place by observation of two seemingly-unrelated events affecting each other is - simply - wrong. The history of evolution (for instance) is made up of a series of 'mistakes', dead-ends, inefficiencies, chance mutations and adjustments to profound alterations in environment yet we're here with millions of other species and in many cases are traceable back to millions of years ago. If anybody tries to use a teleological argument against evolution you can, quite frankly, go home and then read about the evolutionary trace of the human eye before you even consider using that as a tired, clichéd example.

In fact, all teleological arguments can sod off. If you need to see some plan in everything, so be it but there's no evidence of such a plan and the onus of truth is upon those making the supposition.

Also, read about the 'Babel Fish' paradox. It's hilarious. This thread has been irritating me for days and I'm not going to sugar-coat my response, as uncompromising as it is.
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