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Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
What's with that? They routinely foist major unwanted changes on users. Like when they introduced the ribbon into MS Office.
Unfortunately, more and more they are trying to out-apple apple. It used to be that people would rag on MS OSes and programs because they were typically the opposite of apple products. Function over form, options over ease-of-use. Now more and more, they just want to force us into one way of doing things, and make it uniformly pretty. For those of us that aren't idiots or mac users, simple menus work better; but might be less pretty and less "user(idiot) friendly" than huge buttons with pretty pictures on them.

Also, they were probably getting things ready for their current attempts to push touch-screen use on us. One area where small menus get frustrating is when you're trying to use your finger instead of a pointer which is more precise and efficient.

I think they created the Ribbon to isolate Open Office users - so anyone thinking of switching to the free open source alternative would be deterred by the learning curve between ribbon and menus.
They don't really feel threatened by the open office crowd. They sell office to businesses, not individuals for the most part. Sure there is competition, but kinda like adobe and photoshop, everyone still wants the "real stuff". I think it's more likely about touch-screen plans and making things more pretty.
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