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Default Re: How do you get out there?

Originally Posted by opentune View Post
I looked on a map and you live in a beautiful area! but ya its far from any city that would have many clubs/bars gigs. Crescent City? Medford? Yreka?

Either move or drive to where the action is.
As for finding people, craigslist musician ads...but it takes time (many, many months and trials) to find the right people with the same interest, genre, time commitment, etc. In my experience, there can be several flakes to weed through.

I agree with Grunter if you want to gig, your genre has to fit with that. Good old rock and roll has to be playing somewhere in your neck of the (red)woods.

I actually moved from there recently. Same state, but in wimer, part of rogue river. I have closer accesses to the bigger towns, but still have y trouble finding people.
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