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Default Hi

Hi all, allow me to introduce myself.

Real name: Adriaan
Age: 22
How long have you been playing: 8 years, I think
Origin of user name: My late goldfish was called Stella. She in turn was named after an Interpol song.
Your top 5 drummers: I don't know that many. But I absolutely love Bryan Devendorf's drumming. Other than that, I used to be a fan of Herr Benny Greb, but haven't seen anything of him or his work for years.
Make of drumkit: Beverley kit from the 70's.
Make of cymbal: Amedia and Paiste 3000.
Where do you practice: During band repetitions. At home on an improvised smaller electronic set up.
Are you in a band: I play in a post punk / new wave band called Stillwave (
Do you play covers or originals: Originals only
What style of music: press has used terms like post punk, shoegaze, new wave and post rock.
Favourite take out food: not a fan
What country do you live in: The Netherlands
One really odd fact about yourself: When I wake up and walk to the shower, I wear my clean boxershorts on my head. I have been doing that for four years now and it still feels like the right thing to do.
How did you start drumming: On a set of pans to practice for a recital in secondary school when I was 14.
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