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Default Re: ...for the jazz cats ...

whats up my felines ?

quick question

on the list of tunes for a gig tonight that I am subbing on is the Martin and Blane tune The Boy Next Door

in all my years of playing jazz gigs , and thousands of tunes called I have never had this tune called

just curious as to how you guys would approach this tune

the piece is in 3/4 but not real "waltzy "

I have heard it approached with brushes, and approached with sticks

not sure what tempo the band leader will call it at tonight , and I'm sure in the moment I will just make it happen like I always do.

but just wondering how some of you guys would approach this tune

for the record, no vocalist tonight all instrumental

I would absolutely approach the tune completely differently with a vocalist present

you gotta love these cold call situations us jazz musicians walk into frequently right?

all but one guy on the stand tonight will be complete strangers to me .....just another night as the office
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