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Default [DRUM TEST] GRETSCH Hickory Studio set UPDATE

Hi amigos !

Let me introduce my brand new set : Gretsch Hickory Studio kit.
It took me about 2 months before I get this set. I was hesitating between an Odery Custom, a DW Eco X and this great Gretsch. My ears went to the Gretsch since I got the opportunity to test there drums.
Hickory is a very good balance between Maple and Birch, it gives more bass than Maple and almost the same attack of the birch. I love this colored sound and it's very versatile too. There are only 35 kits avaible. I wanted a 20 kick set because I'm playing some soft musics. There is no silver sealer inside the shells and it's better this way :)

Détails :

- 20x16 / 10x7 / 12x8 / 14x14 + 14x5.5 snare
- 100% Hickory US wood
- 6 plies on tom, 8 plies on Kick and 10 plies on snare
- Die cast lugs
- Die cast hoops
- Pearl Ultra sound snare Wire
- Fulls Evans head (G2/G1 and Emad on kick)
- 30° Bearing edges
- GTS tom mounts

Video :

Pictures :

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