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Default Current snare lineup after a little G.A.S.

Here are some shots of my current snare collection.

-Premier Signia Brass 7x14
-Tama Imperialstar King Beat 6.5x14
-World Max Vintage Classic 6.5x14 bronze snare
-Pearl Marvin "Smitty" Smith 4x14 copper snare
-Pearl Sensitone Aluminum 5x14
-Gretsch Retro Mahogany 6.5x14
-Ddrum Dominion Ash 7x13

I have a 5.5x13 Mapex Black Panther Bronze and a Gretsch Retro Mahogany 7x13 on layaway! (Pics to come once they are paid off)

Premier Signia
Yamaha 8000 Series
Pearl Prestige Session Select
Many snares
Paiste Cymbals
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