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Default Re: Calling All Bad Back Drummers: Ergokinetic Thrones

Originally Posted by MutinyWithin View Post
Hi Guys,

I've had a weak L4-L5 lower back/lumbar since high school (14 years ago) and I am a metal drummer. I find that often times I am crippled after about 45-60 minutes of playing.

I am wondering if anyone has had experience with ergonomic/ergokinetic thrones, and if so, which are the best?

Right now I am using a Gibralter motorcycle-style with backrest. The cushion is quite hard, and playing metal means I can't really take advantage of the back rest. My lower thighs hurt towards the end, as well as my lower back.

Any suggestions?
I just went through a pinched nerve in L5 back in march, still not over it. In my search for bedding/pillows, chairs I found two products that truly make a difference, really did what they're advertised to do, on being a drum stool called the CARMICHAEL THRONE. Can't say enough good stuff about this stool, it has literally changed my life, no more compressed spine.

You will not be sorry you spent the money, its the only piece of gear I could not be without.
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