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Default Re: Can there be free will in a world where pre-destiny exists?

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
What about instinct, Mr IP? That's not just intervening, it's downright controlling. Who or what is driving that?
Evolution and the learning process. Animals present us with this all day long. For example, just about every domesticated dog understands when a human points at something. They instinctually know what it means because they have learned over thousands of years of domestication, and it is passed on to each generation. Wild dogs, and even the most highly trained apes don't understand pointing.

As far as philosophy and religion, ever notice how it changes to adapt to modern times? Philosophers are always coming up with thought experiments to challenge what was once accepted. The church is always changing its position on issues to be more accepting of what we learn as we develop as humans. I firmly believe that we even have religion and philosophy because as early man we had very little answers. It was a way to try and explain what was happening in the world, especially in a time when we had very little knowledge of science and how the world works. Placing a deity into the equation is an easy way to say "I don't know" without having to actually say it.

With bodily functions, show me someone who can survive without them and I might be less skeptical.

Ever notice that animals just live? They have minimal intelligence, but yet they don't have any of the issues that humans do. One would think that in a world driven by intelligence, the most intelligent would outlast everyone else. But yet humans have wars, serial killers, racists, elitists, and a sense that we are better than everything else. What drives this? We are some of the newest residents on this planet, yet we are the worst thing to happen to it. It almost always comes down to one thing: ideas and our ability to choose our own paths based on those ideas.
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