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Originally Posted by CarterB_Junkie View Post
Carter Beauford on the Drums ! Carter Beauford on the Drums ! Carter Beauford on the Drums !

Only Dave hardcore fans will get my last quote !!
I want to say thats the ending of Halloween from the Recently album, his big drum solo at the end!!!

Now I'm probably gonna get crucified here, but I guess I'm old school. I like Carter, and I respect his style, but there is one thing that annoys me. He comes out full guns blasting the entire show. I wonder sometimes if he is serving the song. Like I said , that's the old school in me, what I feel is #1, serving the song, and then unleash your fury, or fist of fury or even balls of fury. I was listening to a radio personality here in Chicago, and he mentioned the same thing, and I agree with him, saying that the 'WOW' factor is gone by the second song, because he comes at you with everything. Again my opinion, but that doesn't make him any less a great drummer, which is what he is anyway.
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