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Default Re: Can there be free will in a world where pre-destiny exists?

Originally Posted by wsabol View Post
I see what you are saying, but the implications of "otherworldly" intervention in our "serendipitous" lives is the gist of what we are discussing, otherwise there would be much to discuss. I think we can all agree that events can be broken down to cause and effect (unless we are talked about quantum occurrences, in which case we have to talk about the probability that the effect would or would not occur..)
I guess my problem with the idea that some deity or whatever has intervened with our lives lies in that if the deity has decided for us, then they have also made a choice. They have chosen to interfere with our lives. Why, who knows? To think about it like that would be like me stepping on an ant. That ant didn't choose to be stepped on, I chose for it. But the choice made by me definitely had a reason behind it, I wanted to, it bit me, I don't like ants, whatever. The effect is still linked to a choice, even though it wasn't the ants.

Now putting that into a supernatural aspect, I don't buy it. Something that is outside of time and space, that has the infinite knowledge of the universe and beyond, doesn't choose, it doesn't have to. It just does. So how can something that does not choose, choose for us? Or allow us to have the freedom to choose, then judge us by our choices?

My wife thinks that if god and the devil exist, perhaps we have their ultimate rolls backwards. Why would something that is supposedly all good and loving tell you how to live, and expect you to worship it? Isn't commanding someone to worship you selfish and wrong? Sounds like a major superiority complex to me. On the flip side, the entity we look at as bad wants us to live our lives as we want, cares not if we worship it or not, and plays on the fact that we are humans. It knows how humans act, and wants us to do so accordingly.
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