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Originally Posted by whiteknightx View Post
One thing, that Newegg ad doesn't mention specifically what the hardware is. The Gretsch kit doesn't come with any normally except floor tom legs and the tom mounts. So you'd be looking for a hardware pack of cymbal, hi hat and snare stands, a kick pedal and throne, unless that is being added. I wouldn't buy without the clarification.
I think they come with Gibralter hardware (snare stand, hi hat stand, crash stand, ride stand, bass pedal). If you check the third picture of the cheaper kit you can see them.

Originally Posted by whiteknightx View Post
I don't think I'd try and do a combination hybrid edrum/acoustic kit. I'd do two separate kits. Doing a full head change from mesh heads and triggers would be more of a pain than it's worth to me.
Yeah that's a good point. Though I'd primarily be using it as an electric kit, and only occasionally changing the heads for acoustic use. Also the Pearl tru-trac heads are relatively easy to remove/install.

Originally Posted by whiteknightx View Post
Personally I'd look for something like a used Roland or Yamaha Edrum kit, best you can find for $1000 bucks, and a used acoustic drum kit with cymbals and everything for $1000.
I bought a yamaha dtxtreme IIS e-drum set for 1100 a couple years ago and love it. It would have been there top of the line 4 or 5 years ago. It's all I play at home where volume is a concern.

With edrums, the biggest thing is the pad material - you need to try them all to see what you prefer. Mine have old school rubber pads, which don't bother me at all, the snare is the only one you hit so much that makes much difference to me. Most people swear by the Roland mesh heads.
Also a good suggestion! I tend to feel like I need to buy new with music equipment, but perhaps I should look into some used gear. My only qualm with buying an older electronic kit is that I recently played a friend's Roland kit that appeared to have a slightly older module (but had full mesh pads), and the drums sounded TERRIBLE. After playing another friend's Pearl E-Pro kit, I was blown away by how much better the drum samples sounded.

Originally Posted by whiteknightx View Post
For drums, any of your typical mid line kits - Yamaha Stage customs, Tama silverstars, Pearl visions, Gretsch Catalinas, Mapex Meridians, etc you can find in the 500ish range, usually including hardware, with some careful digging. That leaves you with some room for cymbals. I'd stay away from lower line budget drum and cymbal Iines.
Thank you for the suggestions! This will definitely give me some more to work with.

Originally Posted by BertTheDrummer View Post
Another option is the DDrum Hybrid ($699), then you could pick up whatever brain you wanted.
That looks awesome! Unfortunately noise is a big concern for me so I'll need to look for something that I can primarily use with headphones or at low volumes through an amp.

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