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Default Re: Physiology and Anatomy in application to percussion?

Originally Posted by FoolInTheRain View Post
I think it's more along the lines of agreeing with you, but offering our different interpretations of the concept.

Not sure why that would rub you the wrong way. Would you rather us all completely disagree with you?
Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
You seem to crave acceptance and to be taken seriously, yet continually flip your lid at the drop of a hat. What gives mate? I don't get it. This all too frequent, overly dramatic, stomping of the feet and picking up your bat and ball and going home is just so unnecessary. It's just bloody childish mate, honestly. Chill out on the 'teenage angst' bit a little. It's getting old.

The way I'm reading it, everyone agrees with do I.

But really, if you can't play nicely in the sand pit with the other kids then maybe you are better served on the snare forum.
Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
I don't see anything in your first two posts that mentions marching whatsoever. I spoke only in general terms. But I don't understand the attitude. I'm not sure how we could all be saying the same thing you did and be disagreeing at the same time. Off to work. Have a better day
Haha, I wasn't flipping out at all, nor was I angry/upset, I was just saying that it wasn't the reaction I was expecting. It's not really that important so I was saying that it doesn't really matter. I don't know what seemed to be the outburst here, but I meant this in good faith and otherwise jokingly. Anyways, as my brother always said, all the worlds problems can be solved if you just shaved the beard! ;)

Also, as far as being better served on the snare forum, (technically a forum for all things marching percussion) it serves me fairly well. Many of the people on there have similar thought to me based on the fact that most of us learn in the same basic way. Here, as I have experienced, many argue whether or not they should use traditional grip. On snarescience, they only argue the usefulness of traditional grip. Everyone who is a high school percussionist has to know how to use both grips. Otherwise you're not a good percussionist. Here, since it's all drumming and all a solo act as far as the percussion section goes in a band or ensamble, there's more freedom to learn and play as you see fit.

So sorry if that came across crudely, I wasn't mad at the time nor did I really take anything offensively. If I reamember correctly, I was just enjoying a an episode of Star Trek Enterprise when I looked back here and responded. My main thought being, "maybe it's not a big deal to them." So I thought oh well, maybe the folk over at snare science will have some thoughts on it. I wasn't mad though. I was watching the one where T'pol was having personal issues while the fleet was drilling samples from the core of a comet.

I will say though that it gets frustrating when people tell me to chill. Most of the time I'm not even angry about anything yet someone finds something to say I was, even when I wasn't. In reality, no one knows me to get angry, I'm the one to tell people to "chill out" or calm down because I would rather not have people angry because it's relatively unnecessary. It becomes sort of a downer here because I say something possibly as a joke or a message to clarify what I mean, and then everyone attacks me for my so called "teenage angst!" This has been the only forum in which I have ever been misconstrued for such matters. I stay though, because I hope to learn something that will be useful to me in my endeavors. Isn't that what this forum is really about? I'm just saying because my sort of humour is lost somewhere between the transfer of ideas. I get it, I'm not funny. My dad is only right above the line of insanity so I have a very dark humour and demeanor. I have been told that at school and have been sent to the therapist a few times. I assure them that I was joking about my sibblings shoving marshmellows in my mouth, nose, ears, and pockets while I was sleeping... (actually, that really happened, but I thought it was funny after I was almost suffocated to death) so I'm not sure what it is about me that some here dislikes, but at school, I was known as the guy that "wouldn't get mad if you slapped him," it's not just a saying, they tried it.

I wish everyone the best, and I'm sorry my humour somehow comes across as angst. I'm sort of hurt now, but I might just give up the forum anyways. I haven't really learned anything except for the time Anthony told me that the sticks should be level when using traditional grip. That was groundbreaking for me.... but my sort of thoughts and ideas aren't really important to anyone since they mostly come from marching and militaristic methods and concert and solo percussion. Many folk here don't play marimba so I have nothing to offer. Since I am mostly useless, I reckon it would be only logical to not try to be a part of something I have no say in.

Good day to everyone, may the force be with you, live long and prosper, etc. etc. etc. I'm going to take a break for now. I might be back in five years, who knows? but I have nothing to offer for now.

Lastly, I am sorry if there are any typos in the post but I'm on my brother's kindle and it's terrible with auto correct and it’s hard to go back and change every little thing.
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