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Default Re: I hate Macs!

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post

With Windows, I find the releases alternate between good and bad:

95 good
98 bad
98 SE good
ME bad
XP good
Vista bad
7 good
8 bad
So true. I don't understand why they put their heads back in their asses every other big version... The biggest gripe I have is that this last one (8) would be really a great OS if they would just stop trying to be apple and force one particular interface on us. Metro sucks a lot with a mouse and keyboard, and it's not like we're quiet about that fact. But this time, everything else in 8 has been amazing. There's just no reason, and no excuse why the damn start screen needs to take over everything and be super clunky. We aren't dumb and we know that they could damn well put in a pop up start menu if they would just not be so stubborn.
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