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Default Re: I hate Macs!

Brave new world, DMC?

With Windows, I find the releases alternate between good and bad:

95 good
98 bad
98 SE good
ME bad
XP good
Vista bad
7 good
8 bad

I am a late adopter. I not only wait for the decent upgrades, I also wait until Microsoft's guinea pi ... um, early adopters have unearthed the fatal flaws that cost them their data, sanity and money.

The company that most bothers me is Adobe. Apparently you can't but Photoshop any more - you lease if from the company in "the cloud" or some crap like that. You just have to pay and pay ever month.

Same deal for Macs too, right? I keep reading about The Gimp being a good open source replacement - outstanding program for a freebie but sill a long way from pre-cloud PS.

Alas, I don't think Mac can cure these issues.


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