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Default Re: Physiology and Anatomy in application to percussion?

The best technique is the one that is ergonomically comfortable for you that does your body, limbs no harm, and is effifcient in movement. If you watch Olympic swimmers doing the same stroke all within .00 seconds of each other they will not look the same. do what works for you. Back in the day when Mark Spitz won 7 gold medals there were swimming coaches that said that his technique was horrible. But who was going to change it.

I think the idea is that there are better ways and worse ways, and those that have been around a while would like us to do what they think is best. If there was only one right way we would all be left-handed or right-handed. We take a general premise and tweek it to fit us. Do we really think that clothing only comes in small medium and large. How many different sized people wear medium size shirts?
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