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Default Re: Just bought Iron Cobra 600

Originally Posted by Snoochies A7X View Post
I was looking for a decent replacement for the HP-30 that came with my Imperialstar drum set. I was thinking about the DW 9000 from for $199. I decided to go the cheaper route and grab a brand new Tama Iron Cobra 600 for $95 shipped. I've been tinkering with the settings. Can anyone share any personal insight to the cams that can be switched? I can play faster with this pedal but I honestly don't want to waste too much time playing around with settings. Any advice for a novice with a new pedal?
I don't have the 600 but I do have an older 900 Power Glide as well as a newer Flexi-Glide. I'm not sure what cam is similar to the Flexi-Glide though.

I believe the 600 you have comes with a Power Glide and Rolling Glide. The RG is a truer response; it does exactly what your foot does. The PG will accelerate a little before it strikes, but can be a tad slow on the return. Nothing major, but probably enough to be noticeable if you switch cams.

The best way to dial in your settings is to just play around with the pedal and see what it doesn't do for you. Is the beater too close or too far from the head? Adjust that and then play again. Basically, make only one adjustment at a time and play around with it for a while, maybe even a day or two. Then go from there.

It may take a while to dial in "your" settings but you will find them eventually.
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