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Originally Posted by drumming sort of person View Post
Jeff was passionate about gardening. He did a lot of it and it was one of his favorite hobbies.
Oh I know and I have the same passion. I suppose in 1992, the whole "toxin" thing was not as emphasized and there was no social media to spread (mis)information on either account, so he just used what he thought was the right chemical for the job. However, he apparently went nuts with it because his wife and the medical staff said he reeked of the stuff meaning he got it all over himself. I mean when you see Monsanto employees working on "farms" (in quotes for a reason), they're wearing full-protective suits. I hate to say Jeff died to teach us a lesson but I will NEVER use toxic chemical on my lawn or garden and he is a big reason why. To me the biggest tragedy was that his kids grew up without a dad. I mean, drumming and music will go on without him but the thought of me dying in 3 years and leaving my kids without a dad to raise them and watch them grow up is beyond words. Ineffable.

Pocket... I said what I feel but some things you should not say. I've been having a rough time with life lately, I've not been myself. :)

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