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Default Axis e-kit vs Trick laser trigger

Seems like the Trick laser triggers have not been well-received . They also don't seem to be selling very well, judging by the number of videos I could find on youtube, where pretty much no one was playing them FAST.
Reading some of the threads on this forum, the common complaint was that the footswitch allowed you to register a hit when the beater moved BOTH forward and backward.
Reading more about the system, seems a lot of the critics skipped the fact that you could turn off the double trigger feature. But then again, with everyone so uptight about the competition these days (why do you think no one who listens to metal will buy CDs? Because they all have bands lol), I'm not surprised it was a turn off.
I've seen the same criticism about things like the Sonor Twin Effect pedal and the Duallist stuff, among others, but none of them have revolutionised drumming, so I guess it's back to the drawing board.
Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Pros and cons of the Axis e-kits versus the Trick system. I thought the Tricks might be more durable, but then again, who says the Axis kit won't last forever if you treat it the right way.
How do they stack up head to head in terms of triggering? I think that's the main thing I'm interested in ascertaining. I'm sure a lot of people on these forums favour the Axis pedals, because users like Derek Roddy and George Kollias use them, but just from a triggering consistency and performance perspective, is either system better than the other?

Found this on the Trick Drums website. Looks like you can get rid of the double trigger thingie and just have a cable connector.
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