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Originally Posted by Ian Ballard View Post
I really wish people would stop making instructional videos on "how to play the Rosanna shuffle". He, himself, did that in his own instructional video, so I really don't see the point in some guy on "Expert Village" or even Bissonette on the Drum Channel doing it.
Why the hell not? Given it was a groove he nicked and adapted from Purdie and Bonham by his own admission in the first place, I hardly think Jeff would mind.

Originally Posted by Ian Ballard View Post
NOBODY can make it sound correct and groove like he did.
FWIW I can put up a pretty good argument that the two guys I just mentioned can make it groove just as well as anybody, including Porcaro. Buy me a pint or two and I can put up an even better argument. :-)

Isn't sharing info and ideas what it's all about in the first place? So that others can take your ideas, build on them, adapt them, play with them and make them their own.....a little like Jeff himself did in this particular instance?

What does it really matter if someone gets the mechanics of that groove down by watching Porcaro, or Bissonette, or even little Johnny explaining it from the confines of his least they've managed to discover and learn what really is an exceptionally cool little groove. What do you reckon?

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