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If John Bonham were alive today I think he would be embarassed of all of this worship of him that is going on. Everything that I have read about him he appeared to be a very laid back and a humble man . He would never claim to be the greatest drummer of all time, he was absolutely amazed by Buddy Rich and Billy Cobham just to name a few. Was he a technical wizard? No. But the style that he created was incredible and only he could play like that. He was for the most part self taught, never studied but had a natural ability that was complete genius. He was my biggest influence and the reason why I became a drummer. Do I think he was the greatest of all time? Of course not, but his playing moved me and spoke to me. Considering his background of not being a trained musician and cutting out a piece of music history for himself is a great testiment of the mans talent, and skill. John Bonham along with Bill Ward of Black Sabbath and Ian Paice were pioneers of what we now consider to be hard rock/Heavy Metal drumming. Are there drummers in this style of music that have surpassed the three drummers previously mentioned? Yes, and there will be others. But they would not be where they are today without the guys like Bonham who paved the way.
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