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Default Re: Can there be free will in a world where pre-destiny exists?

Originally Posted by slowrocker View Post
As a Christian, I believe some things are destined to happen. Certain events I believe will happen regardless of what we do. On the other side, we have a choice to do right or wrong, to be a success or failure. If you believe there is no free will, it means killers cannot refrain from murder. That alone is a bad thought.
I don't go to church much at all anymore, but I do have a philosophy in life that mirrors a Christian POV in a way. Anyway, for me freewill always meant to do as you will or to do God's will. Simple as that. As far as Christians are concerned, we all share the same pre-destiny of an afterlife if you believe in that stuff, as well as an Apocalyptic end as portrayed in the book of Revelations.
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