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Default Re: Can there be free will in a world where pre-destiny exists?

Fun topic Lar!

My guess is that free will is very limited.

Imagine you're the Prime Minister or President. Can do do what you like? Yes, as long as major companies approve. There are definite boundaries. Like a CEO's activities are bounded by The Board.

Life generally is like that. You are free to do anything you like ... as long as you breathe, eat, drink, pee, sh1t, vomit, have sex, live amongst social groups, etc. All the time.

The function of life seems to be to churn energy around. A bit like the human batteries in The Matrix. Every moment we are churning stuff around in all sorts of different ways - redistributing heat, changing currents, changing chemical composition, lighting and shading, etc. The universe naturally changes every atom at every instant but life seems to accelerate the change process - and the more advanced the life, the greater the amount of change it can effect.

It also seems that humans have an extra job on top of our basic consume/excrete role - to consume and excrete at an informational level as well.

// excretion

Originally Posted by nightraider43 View Post
I like to think of it as the "snowball" effect. One action leads to another action. One thought leads to another thought. There is reason for action and a reason for thought however is it destiny that brings you to that first action or first thought?
It could be destiny - in the form of the first quantum fluctuation during the initial expansion of the Big Bang. From that first variable, all others would have sprung, taking into account that there's random effects in there (chaos theory).

The first fluctuation would have collapsed an unimaginable number of possibilities in that first instant - and surely that's what destiny is - a path defined by the collapse of other possibilities. We can wander around on the path - go to the fringes or the centre or anywhere inbetween - but we can't move off the path.



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