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Default Re: Where Have You Lived?

Well, I've lived in Northern California my whole life (17 years). From what I've seen and heard of the rest of the country, I've started to realize that we've got it really good here. No terrible hurricanes or tornados or freezing weather for multiple months at a time... That's not to say that it's 70 degrees and sunny all year, as we have had i think 300% of our average rainfall this year, levees are breaking, streams overflowing, my front yard is still draining from being filled up with water yesterday.

That said, we have it relatively mild here compared to the rest of the country. I really like it here and do plan on staying here the rest of my life.

As for the music scene, people say that it's really good here. I can't say much personally because I don't see that much happening, but I may just be used to it having lived here all my live.

Norcal is a very relaxed place. Chico, which I live outside of, is the biggest town north of Sacramento, with around 100K people. Traveling through Chico takes a total of 15 minutes, and on either side there are cow pastures, orchards, and rolling hills, very easy to escape to. I live about 5 hours from the Pacific Ocean and 3? hours from ski resorts. It is really an ideal location.

Hope this doesn't sound too much like an ad, but it is really great here.
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