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Default Re: Can there be free will in a world where pre-destiny exists?

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Because I want to know dammit! It could be a male thing too. I have a pressing need to understand HOW things work, it's just my nature. I question a lot because I don't understand a lot. So this is me trying to understand this subject. How can we see all that is in front of us and NOT ask why and how? I am not built like that, although I would probably be happier if I didn't care.
You can care, and still not get an answer! You have to be able to accept that, too. At, least, I have to be able to accept that, because I think there are simply things beyond our understanding.

Newton's laws got us to the moon, but some today say they are wrong. Just because a construct works doesn't mean it's right.
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