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Default Physiology and Anatomy in application to percussion?

Ever since sophomore year, I have been thinking about how our physical bodies are different. In some cases, it can make us Gods amongst men. Others, will only be burdened and shamed for the rest of their life.

I am proposing an Idea that as humans, we are limited by the natures of our bodies. How can everyone have the same technique when everyone's anatomical structures are different? I have really big palms and long fingers, but I have a relatively short thumb. From this, It is more comfortable for me to us a middle finger grip. A friend of mine has extreme hitchhikers thumb. This makes it really hard for him to play french grip, it also makes it hard for him to play any grip without his thumb looking as if it sticks out too far. There is a guy my high school's new percussion instructor knew that could play rudimental snare using no arm whatsoever because he was double jointed. He has not had carpel tunnel and has not sustained any sort of injuries his entire life.
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