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Default Re: Can there be free will in a world where pre-destiny exists?

With my limited mind, this stuff is over my head, it seems to me that Milt is saying that they co-exist...."we do have free will that is constrained by entropic destiny"

This seems to make sense to me, but with my free will, I admit that I am very new to the subject.

Interesting answers. I see a few "no's". Do the people who answered no subscribe to pre-destiny?

I'd like to relate a story that led me to believe in pre-destiny.
When I was a small child, between 5 and 10 years old, I had a frequent recurring dream. This dream placed me in what I describe as a "red room". I was sitting on the floor, the carpet was red, next to me there was a red chair, someone was sitting in it and had it leaning up against the wall, and even the light was reddish.

Fast forward to age 14. I had tried an illegal herb twice before with no results. The 3rd time I tried this substance, it worked. Shortly afterwards, I found myself sitting on the floor in a basement that had a red carpet, I was next to a red chair, with someone sitting in it and leaning back on 2 legs against the wall, and the plastic lens on the fluorescent lights were spray painted red. Holy crap, THIS was the red room I had dreamed about years prior. Well, I had the mother of all Deja Vu's. I freaked out silently to myself. FREAKED OUT. THIS was the recurring dream I had. Wow. I was floored for life.

Now when I first had this dream, this house wasn't even built yet. To try and reconcile this with myself, I concocted a theory that I subscribe to. I think that while asleep, your mind has the ability to travel into the future, pick out events and dream about them. Then when you catch up to those events in real time, well, that's what Deja Vu is...according to me. So how can my mind wander into the future and select events to dream about, if the future is not pre-determined? This made perfect sense in my limited understanding of things.

OK it's not scientific at all, but it makes sense to me, so I adopted it. Can anyone explain my recurring dream about the red room when it did not even exist yet? The dream was spot on to what I experienced for real.
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