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Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Madge, I'm imagining being a teenager and hearing my mother calling out "Pussy Pussy Pussy!" at the cat's dinnertime ... yikes! My mother used to call out "Puddy puddy puddy!" which, I think, was based on Tweety Bird.

For Brit comedy it's hard to go past Python. Anything with John Cleese in it is a riot (apart from his training videos). A Fish Called Wanda made me laugh more than any film I can think of.
We were a clean- living family! And anyway, the cat in question joined the choir invisibule long before I was a teenager.

Ah, Python. My best friend and I were castigated for collapsing in heaps at a party when somebody mentioned two sheds, and nobody else knew it was funny. Also, I tried to explain to Henri why my surname was Apricot - I sent him a link - and the nearest he got was Tiger.

Do you know "The Inbetweeners", Grea? For me, it's real Tena Lady stuff. We always think that our kids shouldn't understand, and they are always appalled that we do!
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