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Default Re: Can there be free will in a world where pre-destiny exists?

Absolute freewill and pre-destined futures are definitely mutually exclusive.

However, whether our lives are pre-destined or not, we certainly have the illusion of freewill. Not knowing the broad consequences of our actions make our choices and life experiences seem independent and serendipitous, but they very well could be part of some master plan. There is really know way to know.

It could be both. For a long time I believed we all had a finite set of possible paths and destinies predetermined by *insert omnipresent being of you choice*. Though an individual's choices and freewill, he/she would follow one of these paths to one of his/her possible destinies. EDIT: By "destiny", I mean the "place" in your life, the state of you person, that you settle into as life progresses... call it your socio-economic status, actualization, nirvana, or whatever. Obviously death is the last thing we will all experience, but that fact we are all going to die has nothing to do with the choices we make, let alone freewill, its just life.
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