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Default Re: Tune Bot Observation

I have owned both and now just own the Tune-bot. With the DD you have to put each individual drum on a solid surface, preferably glass, and tune. Also the DD is highly sensitive and if you drop it you can break it very easily and then it's trash. For $40 more you can get the Tune-bot and it has a much better sensitivity to it. No need to move around to the individual lugs...just set it in between two lugs and tune all the way around. You can also save individual settings for each drum and recall them whenever you want. I know a lot of guys say tuning by ear is best which I'm sure is true but this will get you right in the ball park and you can adjust by ear after. I just put a Evans Genera Dry on my Black Panther Phat Bob yesterday and used the Tune-bot and sounds INCREDIBLE!!!

Go with the Tune-bot no questions asked.

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