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Originally Posted by Magenta View Post
Oh my life, how could I even have forgotten: when I was little, we actually had a cat called Pussy! My mum was too nice to know better, bless her.
Madge, I'm imagining being a teenager and hearing my mother calling out "Pussy Pussy Pussy!" at the cat's dinnertime ... yikes! My mother used to call out "Puddy puddy puddy!" which, I think, was based on Tweety Bird.

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
You describe "You've been served" perfectly - wonderful stuff, as are the "Carry On" films, & gems like "On the Busses". All budget stuff, but even better for it :)

BTW, I found that Aussie comedy clip funny. Says something about me eh?
For Brit comedy it's hard to go past Python. Anything with John Cleese in it is a riot (apart from his training videos). A Fish Called Wanda made me laugh more than any film I can think of.
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