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Default Re: What drum mics should I purchase?

One thing about forums, ask a question and you get many opinions.

So, to add to the confusion, I wish to give my 'take'. Not an opinion or suggestion, because in the end, it's an individual thing. I only give my personal experience.

For the last 6 months I sat on the fence about 'mics', and like you, very budget minded.

I have a Sonor 3007 maple kit, 2 top toms, one mounted floor.

I went with 2 OH condenser mics, MXL 603's. Found a pair new for $159.00

I also found a pair of AKG 170's for $179...both mics got rave reviews from my researches, but went with the MXL's because the retailer is a mile from me, and they offered free shipping. Since I could drive and pick them up, saving them UPS charges, I got them a bit less.

Anyway, picked up 2 boom mic stands from Musicians Friend for $30.00, two Monster cables from local Guitar Center for $50. I have a Yamaha MX102 mixer for $69.00

This is for my basement studio use. They work fine. I have the ability to add up to 2 more mics if desire (snare/bass) and perhaps sometime I will.

But 2 overheads is all I need.
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