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Originally Posted by Doctor Dirt View Post
Lets just say everyones Great!! Everyone who plays in a rock band that sold millions of recordings must have Great musicians in the band, right? I mean how can you sell so many records and become millionaires if your not great? Imposible ofcourse their Great Charlie Watts and Ringo are Great Drummers aren't they? Is Keith Moon a great drummer ofcourse he was he was a tremendous showman so he had to be Great, right? How come the Devo guy isn't Great oh thats right not enough Sales?? Or was he in a project years later were he showed his Greatness, I forgot. As to listening to Buddy spout out compliments my guess was there was some money floating his way cause the man didn't do much unless he would be heavily compensated for his time. Ofcourse Mr. Collins was Buddy's equal, hell if you paid Rich enough he'd say so just to retract it once the check cleared HA! Well I feel better to hell with the word GREAT it has little to NO meaning anymore. The new meaning is slightly to well above average and I won't forget it either.
Some think the jazz guys are a bit snobby when it comes to talking down about rock drummers but I know theres very talented players in the land of rock but not every guy is Great its ridiculous to hear this every other day. Theres so much hero worshiping on this forum I sometimes think I'm at a fan club meeting. Between swearing to the world that the drums they own are the sliced bread of drum companies to the exhaulting of a good rock drummer as a Great one starts to get a little juvenile. Again the children of the Rock Gods have spoken so let it be known the genre known as Rock only has Great Drummers. Doc
Sorry, what I meant to say is that you are a jealous sarcastic bitter snob.
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